Understanding Who Buys Premium WordPress Themes

As a creator of any kind of product or service, understanding your buyers, the market you’re creating for, is a key part of maximizing sales.

When making WordPress Themes, this means you need to know the kinds of people who buy the most premium themes. The article below will help explain how to do this and how to use that information to better your products and sales.

To say the theme marketplace is undergoing a transition is probably an understatement. We’ve seen many shops sell or change focus over the past year. A few have maintained their place in the market or even grown some, but it’s not easy work.

One theme shop that’s seen steady growth since launch is Theme Furnace. They’ve learned some lessons along the way though. Oli Dale runs Theme Furnace, as well as the WP Lift blog (where he keeps a keen eye on the theme market).

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