Are Freemium Plugins Better than Free Plugins in WordPress?

Plugin developers may often struggle with finding the ideal way to market and price their products. Many go up for free, while freemium plugins are another highly popular choice. But which is better?

Well, it depends on the plugin, and there’s a lot of factors that can go into the decision. But the data shows that freemium plugins often have a longer sale life than free ones: sometimes by a quite a lot. Click below to read more.

Do freemium WordPress plugins have a better life expectancy than the average free plugin in the repository? Which model is better, and for who?

Taking into consideration years prior to 2013 as a reference we can see that on average 50%-60% of “freemium” plugins have been updated in 2015 or 2016. This is a significant difference compared to the findings of previous analysis I did on the WordPress repository. The survival rate after 3 years for the average plugin in the repository is around 10%-20%. We are looking at a 200% improvement.

These results seem to hold true across the years. No matter when the plugin was introduced, the update rate is rather stable.

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