2 Skills for Successful WordPress Freelancers & Agencies

Basics like promoting yourself and doing good work are the cornerstones of a good freelancing business. However, there are other, lesser known skills that can help give you an edge.

The article below talks about mirroring and analysis, two ways to help build client trust and pin down the parts of your work cycle that are making the most money, or costing you the most time. Be sure to give it a read to learn more about these important skills.

I’ve been coaching startups and entrepreneurs for over a decade. But recently (over the last couple years), I’ve started working with freelancers. And in case you were wondering – it’s a different thing.

So today I want to highlight two skills that I think every consultant – but especially freelancers – needs to develop. If you’re a consultant wanting greater profitability, you need to learn new M&A skills.

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