The Ultimate Guide to Creating & Selling Online Courses [Guide]

Online courses can do a lot of things. They’re a great way to share your knowledge and help others, and they can make you quite a bit of money in the process. But creating them can take a lot of work and time, and if you don’t sell them right, that can be a lot of wasted effort.

Click below for a detailed guide on when you should and shouldn’t create a course, how to go about building a good one, and how to sell the course to potential customers.

Online courses can help you make more money, save more time, and help more people. In 2017, I hit $1,000,000 in revenue from online courses alone! And I’ve made lots of money serving as an affiliate for other people’s courses too.

Today, I want to share the keys—the three crucial psychological principles, plus the ten practical steps—that will help you create amazing, profitable, and life-changing online courses.

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