How Company Blogs Can Earn You More Clients & Projects

Blogs are a powerful, and often under-rated, tool for businesses of nearly any type. This, in turn, makes them a useful tool for web developers. If you deliver a well-designed blog to your client as part of their site, it will likely increase their traffic, revenue, and the overall effectiveness of their website: earning better testimonials and a better reputation for you.

But it can be a big investment in time for you and for the client to produce their blog content. The article below presents a list of some of the best reasons for businesses to blog, and provides tips to help you convince your clients to have you design one for them.

Good company blogs can deliver tremendous value to both you and your clients.  The various ways in which a company blog can help businesses: increasing traffic and SEO, generating prospects, providing customer insights, hiring talent, building trust, differentiating from competition, building communities, and more are all covered here.

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