How to Start a WordPress Hosting Business with Multisite

WordPress Multisite is a powerful tool that allows you to host many different sites within a single WordPress installation. Among its many advantages, such as making management of many sites both easier and cheaper, one of the most prominent has to be its usefulness for web hosting businesses.

Click below to learn how to use multisite to build a WordPress hosting business and about the many options this tool provides to you and your business to earn more with WordPress.

Want to offer WordPress sites to others as a business? There’s a lot to consider, so here we walk you through your options with WordPress Multisite.

Multisite has the potential to support a successful WordPress business because it lets you or your clients add as many sites as needed to one WordPress installation, which makes managing all those sites incredibly easy – and much cheaper than creating multiple installations.

Key Takeaways

  • WordPress multisite allows your users some control over their site while restricting the number of plugins and themes you have to maintain on your network.
  • A common service model is to develop websites for clients, then host those sites on your WordPress multisite installation.
  • If you own an agency or your company handles client websites, hosting customer sites you develop with WordPress multisite can be aprofitable business model.

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