The 3 Keys to Selling WordPress Maintenance Packages for Recurring Income

Maintenance for a WordPress website is important to keep things running smoothly. Not everyone knows how to do this well, which is why it can be lucrative to offer site maintenance packages to your customers. But for this to work they need to understand the value of the services you’re offering.

The article below will show you how to make this clear to them by painting a clear picture of the kinds of problems not having good maintenance can cause, and then showing them how you can prevent those problems for them. It’s an effective technique, so read about it below.

Imagine that you have finished with a WordPress project. As you are handing your new client the keys to the car, you ask if they need one of your WordPress maintenance packages. Look, you had plans to throw a party. The project is done, the final payment is in, and you breathe a sigh of relief, but you hear those dreaded words from your client after asking about maintenance. What do your customers usually say when you ask if they would like to purchase a maintenance plan? Here’s how to close the sale.

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