How Gamification Can Increase Engagement on Your Membership Site

One of the most important things for a membership site to do is to keep their members engaged. It’s the best way to keep them around, and keep them active on your site. One method of growing popularity for accomplishing this is called gamification.

The article below with explain how to gamify your membership services, with things like points, leaderboards, achievements and more. The feeling of engagement and accomplishment is highly effective for keeping people interested and sticking around, so it’s an idea worth checking out.

Keeping your members engaging with your site on a regular basis is essential if you want to avoid member churn, build your brand, and maximize your revenue – and one of the best ways to do that is by using gamification! What is gamification? In simple terms, it refers to incorporating game-like elements such as points tracking, leaderboards, rewards, and achievement badges into your business. Since its first appearances in the early 2000s, this trend has exploded, becoming a dominant engagement strategy used by some of the biggest brands around – and it’s particularly useful for memberships.

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