Plugin Developer Stories: WP Coupons & Deals by Imtiaz Rayhan

There are a wealth of WordPress plugins out on the market, some much more successful than others. If you’re interested in WordPress or plugin development, in can be both interesting and insightful to read the stories of those who have achieved success.

Below is the story of Imtiaz Rayhan and his WP Coupons and Deals plugins. The interview goes over how he got started, some of the challenges he faced, his most successful marketing efforts, and more. It also contains some advice he wishes he knew when he was starting out, so if you’re looking to create a plugin yourself it’s a particularly helpful read.

Imtiaz Rayhan has developed a WordPress plugin focused on improving conversions for website owners involved in affiliate marketing. His plugin, WP Coupons and Deals, is built to make adding affiliate coupons to your site as simple as possible while also helping to improve your conversion rates. Imtiaz talks to us about how he became involved with WordPress, built WP Coupons and Deals and more.

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