How to Win Your Niche & Scale Your Business

If your business or products are focused on a niche, this helps you stand out from the crowd. But it also lowers your pool of potential customers compared to a broader service. To compensate for this, you need to win your niche and become a major part of that space.

The podcast and write up below is with Matt Johnson, a former WordPress developer turned podcaster. He talks about how he got to be an authority in his space, how to move from products to services, as well as some advice for podcasting and the future of that industry. It covers a lot of helpful topics, so be sure to check it out below.

Matt Johnson, of Pursuing Results, is a former WordPress developer who pivoted his business into a podcast production company, and he offers his production services as a full-package, standardised product. He sat down to talk with us about what that means, why it works, how other professionals can implement and scale the product model in their own businesses, and where the future of podcasting is headed.

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