Plugin Developer Stories: Fatal Error Notify by Jack Arturo

Fatal Error Notify is a helpful plugin that helps keep track of how things are running on your WordPress website and notifies you when something goes wrong. It has a lot of useful features, and comes with a pro version with even more to help keep your site secure and running well.

Below is an interview with Jeck Arturo, developer of the plugin. It’s a very in-depth interview, coving in detail everything from the inception of the plugin, to the freemium model used, lesson he’s learned since launching his plugin, and much more. There’s a lot of insightful information from a successful developer to unpack and learn from for your own future projects.

Developer Jack Arturo, from Very Good Plugins, sat down and broke the record for most thorough answers to my questions since I started this site. Jack talks about the genesis of the idea for Fatal Error Notify, the ups and downs of developing products aimed at developers and his interesting project, ErrorWire, that is meant to help WordPress users prevent plugin errors before they even begin.

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