15 Niches to Make Money with Online Courses [List]

Online courses are a great way to make some extra income, particularly if you already have a marketable skill. However, some skill are notably more profitable than others.

The article below is all about profitable niches for online courses. It goes through fifteen varied topics that are typically more profitable than most to help you find one that might align well with your skills and interests to help you determine if creating a course would be a worthwhile investment.

If you’re thinking of selling an online course, then step #1 is to find a profitable niche. Everyone has things that they’re good at, but it’s more important to find something that you are good at and that is proven to sell if you’re planning on starting an online course business. There are literally thousands of profitable niches to choose from, but here are 15 great ideas for those looking to begin selling an online course.

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