How to Use Your Clients to Grow Your Business [Guide]

For your business to prosper, you need to have the right kinds of clients. Clients who can pay you what you need for your time, but who will also get good value out of the services you provide.

The article below talks about this in much greater detail, explaining why building website for certain types of clients might not be a good investment for either of you, and how to find clients that work better for your business, and that you can provide better value to.

What would be the ideal work process for you? Is it handling the design division of a large client of yours, or to work with several small business owners and help them accomplish more – or maybe partner up with a designer while taking care of the technical infrastructure?

You know what you’re capable of and you can assess your perfect client. So focus entirely on them – revamp your website and portfolio in a way that is attractive for that target group, build relevant content for these customers, and network with them as much as possible.

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