How to Move From Freelancer to Company in 8 Steps [Step by Step Guide]

Starting a freelance business has its challenges, but as long as you have a service to offer, you can start putting yourself out there. Where the real challenge comes in is how to grow and stay running long-term.

The article below presents several steps you can take to really up your business and take things to the next level, from networking to increased efficiency. If you’re looking to keep your business growing, it’s sure to be worth your time.

If your goal is to start selling WordPress solutions, there are zero prerequisites. You can simply put up a website up and start selling services, regardless of your business or WordPress know-how.

If you’ve been struggling to find new business, grow your team and deliver incredible results, optimizing your business process is just as important as improving your technical or design skills. Here are eight steps that would enhance your online presence and improve your business process, boost up your profitability and establish you as a professional WordPress consultancy.

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