How to Setup a WordPress Blog to Start Making Money with WordPress [Guide]

Blogging can be a great thing for anyone to pick up. But just because it can be simple, doesn’t mean there isn’t any technique to it, particularly if you’re looking to make money from your blog.

The article below is part of a series on making money from your blog. This one focuses on the website itself, and getting all the design, tools, and performance set up and running. While content is the core part of any blog, it’s important not to overlook these details as well, so be sure to check it out.

In the first post in this series about blogging with WordPress (and making money from it!), I looked at how you can find a niche for your blog if you want to make money from it. In this second part, I’ll walk you through the process of getting your blog ready to go. You may think this is a simple case of installing WordPress, getting yourself a suitable theme, and starting to write. But if you’re going to be successful, you need to spend some time preparing your blog.

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