How to Grow a WordPress Plugin Business as a Solo Founder [Guide]

Running a business can be a difficult task, particularly as it starts to grow. It can often be helpful to hire employees, but this doesn’t always fit your person goals and work style. Sometimes you might want to stay just you and your project.

Does this mean you can’t grow? Certainly not. The article and interview below will talk about how to keep your business growing while staying solo. It goes over some of the biggest challenges of this kind of solo work, and then offers helpful solutions to help your own solo business stay afloat and growing.

My name is Milan, and I am the owner of Dev4Press, a company dedicated to WordPress and bbPress plugins development. Dev4Press was created in 2009 as a side project, and a lot has changed since then, except for one thing: it is still a team of one. In this guest post, I want to share my challenges and methods for growing a WordPress plugin.

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