How to Get Your Freelance Business Out of a Rut [Guide]

Even for a successful freelance business, it’s unlikely that you’ll be running at 100% all the time. You’re always going to have the occasional down-period where work is low. The key is knowing what to do with it, and how to get yourself out of it before it becomes a problem.

That’s exactly what the article below aims to help you do. From reevaluating your business to finding new ways to draw in clients, it’s full of helpful information to help pull you out of your ruts and get you back up to full capacity again in no time.

Some of the greatest sports stars in history — from Willie Mays to Mickey Mantle — have experienced slumps. And even great actors like Harrison Ford have had to take some side jobs when roles were scarce. No doubt, slumps are scary, especially for independent consulting business owners, but they don’t have to be permanent. With the right moves and a little luck, you can be hitting homers again in no time. Here are a few ideas and actions to consider.

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