How to Price Your WordPress Website Services [Guide]

There’s a few different approaches you can take when it comes to billing for your services. You can set a flat rate for a particular service, be it an article of a particular size or a certain kind of website, or you can bill based on time spent.

There are others, but these are two of the most prominent for a reason, and the focus of the article below. It goes into detail about some of the various differences, benefits, and drawbacks of both approaches. Give it a read to find out which is best for you.

We gave a talk about pricing at WordCamp Vegas. Pricing is an interesting topic that rarely gets discussed so we seized the opportunity.

Time and materials pricing is what works for most of my clients, but this doesn’t mean that it is the right fit for every situation.

Discuss the different possible structures with your clients and find the best fit for both of you. It is ok to mix structures. Some projects may be a good fit for T&M and others may be better suited for flat rate.

Further, different phases of the same project may require different structures.

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