How to Sell Other People’s Products

If you have the skill for promotion, but don’t really have any products of your own to sell, you can build a rather lucrative business selling products created by others. This can be done through affiliates, promoting products you trust and getting a portion of the sale if people use your links.

Another way this can be done, is by building a WordPress marketplace. Newer themes and plugins have made this easier than ever, and with the right approach you could attract quite a crowd. The article below has more details.

There’s a great way to make money selling other people’s products.  If you’re not a developer, but you’re good at marketing, then creating a marketplace may be right for you.

A marketplace looks like a normal eCommerce store but there’s a single difference: the products aren’t your own.  It used to be difficult to create these kinds of marketplaces, but today it’s ridiculously easy because of a combination you may not know about – a plugin, a few extensions, and a theme.

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