How Much Should You Discount Digital Products?

Offering discounts can certainly be a boost to your product sales. But there’s a lot to consider before you just cut your prices in half for a week or two. Pricing, including discounts, plays a huge role in value perception, and of course you have to ensure you’re still making enough money.

With all this in addition to the many types of discounts available, the process becomes a good bit more complicated. Fortunately, the article below will break down each of these points to help you find the best discount strategy for your product and overall brand.

The way you treat your product pricing can have a massive impact on your revenue and how your brand is received by customers – but deciding whether or not to discount your products (and to what extent) can be puzzling. If you run a digital product store, you’re probably wondering which strategy will work best for you. Sure, sales, deals, and special offers are standard practice throughout the eCommerce world, but before you go handing out coupon codes, you’ll want to understand the nuances of discounts – and the different effects that come along with them.

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