All About Running a WordPress Product & Services Business

There are many ways to make a business out of WordPress. Often, you’ll want to choose one of these and heavily pursue that path, be it web design, consulting, or ecommerce. But it can be possible to pursue multiple at once, and if done correctly, can help your business grow that much stronger.

Below we have an episode of, gusted on by the owner of MattReport. His business, Slocum Studio, is focused around website building and consulting. But as its grown, they’ve moved to creating products for sale as well. Give it a listen to learn some of the challenges they’ve faced, and how they dealt with them to keep growing.

Let’s drill down and expand upon what it’s like running a WordPress consultancy, while trying to sell digital products.

I cofounded and operate a boutique WordPress agency, Slocum Studio. This is our primary revenue generator, servicing clients all around the world, for their various WordPress needs.

More recently, we’ve found a good cadence servicing higher education, business-to-business, and funded startups with a focus on customizing WordPress for their content publishing needs. But that doesn’t mean we won’t take on a project that sits outside of these verticals. Every great agency is only a few months away from bankruptcy; therefore, pulling in work to fill the pipeline is a must.

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