How to Succeed as a WordPress Freelancer [Interview]

There’s a lot that goes into being successful as a freelancer. The number one key is to do your work well, and deliver on what you’re clients need. But there’s marketing and scheduling that go into it as well, and even just doing good work isn’t always so simple.

Below is an interview with someone who’s already reached success, and a lot of it. Megan Gray goes over the keys to successful freelancing, covering topics such as how to solve problems for both your business and your clients, and how to keep things running long-term.

Let’s be honest, Megan Gray’s work deserves more than that paltry summary, but there many freelancers who forget the foundation of a sustainable business. They often get lost in how to create bigger profits, rather than putting out respectable work.

Some time has passed since I’ve harped on the five-hundred dollar website being delivered by the consultant, and not based on the client’s budget. That is to say, if you want to have a real career, you can’t treat “building websites” like a part-time gig. Something on the side that nets a few hundos every month, just for you to spend it on margaritas. Not that there’s anything wrong with margaritas. What’s more badass than sipping on a margarita? Owning the margarita machine, or hell, the bar!

In this episode, Megan’s going to teach you how she bought the bar and works from the beach.  Megan Gray focuses on WordPress website design and is founder of House of Grays. She teaches us the secrets to her freelancing success in this episode.

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