3 Productized Service Examples to Add to Your WordPress Business

Productized services are relatively new type of business model that offer significant new, profitable opportunities for WordPress professionals.  They can be offered as add-on services or standalone services.

Never heard of productized services or productize consulting?  Check out these articles to learn about it:

This article offers 3 more examples of productized consulting services WordPress professionals can add to their offerings.

If you’ve been getting my newsletter you know all about my love for productized consulting. It’s a fantastic way to package your time into what looks and acts like an off-the-shelf product, and — done right — it can be huge for both the long term stability of your business (by creating recurring revenue) and as a low touch method for getting new clients.

I had written up an exhaustive description of what productized consulting is (and isn’t), but decided to scrap that in favor of examples. I’ve created case studies for 3 really great examples of productized consulting.

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