7 Steps to Building a Profitable Productized WordPress Service [List]

You’ve been freelancing as a WordPress professional for a while now and make decent money, but now you want even more money with your WordPress business.

What’s the next step?  Is it growing your team to become an agency? Is it selling plugins and themes?  There’s another option: productized services.

If you’ve never heard of “productized services” or “productized consulting” here are some articles to get caught up:

Does productizing your WordPress services sound interesting to you?  If so, this 7-step guide will teach you how to productize your WordPress business.

Making the transition from a freelancing service to a productized service is the goal of many entrepreneurs. This gives you more control over your business, makes you less vulnerable to “feast or famine” situations, and is often a key element to scaling a business. This article breaks down each step to transition out of freelancing and creating a productized service.

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