Why WordPress Professionals Should Consider Productized Services

Most WordPress professionals are freelancers that earn most of their money with client work.  You can make a great living that way, but it’s not for everyone.

Some WordPress freelancers crave a different model.  Maybe they don’t like client work, maybe they want something more scalable.  Whatever the reason, they may decide the typical freelancer path isn’t for them.

The most popular alternative is creating WordPress plugins and themes, another crowded, but potentially profitable option for WordPress professionals.

But there’s another path you should consider: productized services.  Productized services are relatively unknown, but can be highly scalable and incredibly profitable.

When you’re plotting your way out of freelancing or a job into something more scalable, it’s common to think there’s only one clear path: Build software.

But if what you’re after right now is something more scalable than billable hours or full-time employment, then you’ve got options.

One of those options is a Productized Service. And it might just be the best opportunity you’ve got, simply because so many others in your position are overlooking it.

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