Why (& How) to Capture User Emails for WordPress Plugins & Themes

As a creator of WordPress products, you want your users to have the best experience possible. Sometimes this can be accomplished by simply putting your products out there and using WordPress’s provided support forums to help out when someone runs into a problem.

But other times, it can be helpful to have a way to communicate with your userbase more directly to explain and inform of updates, problems, or anything else they need to know. Read below to find the advantages of capturing user emails (with their permission, of course), and how to go about it.

Anyone who has ever built a product for WordPress (plugin or theme) and tried distributing it via the WordPress.org repository knows that user emails are not part of the bargain. You do not have access to this direct way of communicating with the people who are trying out and using your product.

As a product owner, you desperately need to be able to contact your product users and there’s a great way of doing that, only for some reason, it is not the “mainstream approach” in the WordPress ecosystem.  So what do you do?

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