Why (& How) to Use Value-Based Pricing to Sell WordPress Products & Services

As entrepreneurs (and especially as developers) we frequently undervalue our products and services.

This not only leaves money on the table, but it’s also bad for your customers.  Undercharging jeopardizes the future of the product or service they depend on.  Paying what it’s worth supports the ongoing maintenance and development of the product.

One way to ensure you’re charging the right price for your product or service is with value-based pricing.  Read on for how to get started.

As a digital entrepreneur, you create digital products or services that add All digital entrepreneurs have a shared goal: to create digital products or services that add value to their customers’ lives and businesses.

But what does “value” mean? What it means is your customers see results. A marketer gets a raise; a company increases its profits; and a client taps into a new market. That’s some serious money-making value for your customers – all because of your digital product.

The traditional way of pricing definitely has merit, but wouldn’t it be great to enlighten customers of the unmatched value they’re receiving from your product or service, and discover a price that compensates you accordingly? You can achieve this, with value-based pricing.

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