What it’s Like to Create & Submit a Theme to ThemeForest

After creating a WordPress theme, you need to get it up onto a marketplace to actually sell it. After all the work that’s gone into creating the theme in the first place, this adds a whole new set of work on top of it. It helps to know what you’re in for.

The article below shares the author’s experience with submitting to ThemeForest, a popular WordPress theme marketplace. He talks about the rejections he faced and how he got past them, some of the pros and cons of the platform, and some other places he’s tried selling his themes. It’s good info for getting your theme up and selling, so be sure to check it out.

Building your own Multi-Purpose theme from scratch can be a very tough project to take on. Getting it approved on ThemeForest? That’s a whole other layer of challenges that you’ll need to tackle. In this guest post, I’m going to share my entire experience of submitting a theme to ThemeForest’s marketplace.

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