The Key Metrics for an Ecommerce Business Selling Digital Products

Determining success requires measuring your website on different metrics. For an ecommerce business, some of these are clear. The number of sales you get, for instance. But there are many more important metrics you should be keeping an eye on.

The article below lists several of these, as well as offerings tools to help you monitor them. From bounce rate to cart abandonment, refunds to average order value, it covers everything you need to track to keep up with your ecommerce business’ success as find areas to improve.

Numbers and metrics can be stressful. As a business owner, you’re likely swimming in numbers every day. Revenue, net profit, tax, expenses… numbers and statistics are your life. Plus, you’re also the creator of your digital product or service, working tirelessly in an increasingly saturated online market, getting it done. Here are the most important website and eCommerce metrics specifically for digital products, so you can spend less time living in a statistical slurry, and more time working on improving and growing your business.

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