The 35 Best WordPress Affiliate Marketing Programs (That Actually Work!) [List]

If you’re looking to diversify your income sources, or particularly bring in some passive income to help stabilize your finances, WordPress affiliate marketing is an excellent choice.

The article below goes in-depth on several different kinds of affiliate marketing available to you, and how to make each of them work for you. The author has a very successful business built entirely around affiliate marketing, so the advice is sure to be of aid in starting up your own.

If you’re in the WordPress industry and want to make money through affiliate marketing, I have the perfect list for you. I rely on these WordPress affiliate programs to make a living and make $10,000/month endorsing hosts, themes, WordPress developers on, and even SEO services. So instead of managing tons of client projects (like I used to), I’ve basically found an affiliate program for everything and just make commissions. I have a LOT more free time and my affiliate income is honestly more consistent than any income I was making through consulting.

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