How to Find Your First Clients as a New WordPress Freelancer [Guide]

Freelancing is a great business for a number of reasons, from flexible hours to growth potential. It can be a bit tricky to get started however, particularly finding that all-important first client.

That’s where the article below aims to help. From finding the kind of clients you want to pursue, to using social media to your advantage and more, there’s plenty here to help make finding that first client and getting your ball rolling a bit easier.

Freelancing is a cool job to have for many reasons. However, until you have a paying client on the books, you can only guess how viable it’ll be. Once you have one client, the ball will begin rolling and before you know it, you’re ducking under a door to escape the huge boulder coming your way. Though, we can’t guarantee that our advice on finding your first client also works when looking for the Ark of the Covenant. Here’s how to find your very first client.

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