The #1 Way to Add Recurring Revenue to a WordPress Freelance or Agency Business

Recurring revenue is something you’ve probably heard talked about a lot if you’re a freelancer. It’s important for adding stability and increasing the growth of your business.

Perhaps the best way of building up a steady stream of passive income for a WordPress freelancer or agency is the WordPress retainer. Basically, this means getting people to pay you over time to keep you on call when needed. The article below talks about this in detail, presenting the business advantages and how to go about getting your customers on board.

Running a WordPress business is a challenging endeavor. With millions of freelancers and WordPress developers out there, competition worldwide is getting more aggressive, and the race to the bottom is never-ending.

Unless you specialize in a given niche and provide outstanding top-notch quality, odds are that selling web solutions will become far more challenging and time-consuming, and will convert fewer leads at lower fees.

We started the “WordPress Retainer” experiment early in 2015 by fully switching our sales and marketing efforts toward selling long-term solutions for our clients.  Nowadays we’re signing WordPress Retainers almost exclusively, building long-term relationships with our accounts and providing tremendous business value on a monthly basis.

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