Growing a Plugin or Theme Business in the Saturated WordPress Market

The WordPress market is very lucrative for various different business models and products. However, it is also in many of these areas also very saturated. This doesn’t mean that growing your business within the space is impossible. But, it does make it very difficult without the right approach.

The article and podcast linked below talk about this with Ben Pines, creator and CEO of the highly-popular Elementor WordPress page builder. He talks about the methods and strategies they used to grow so big in the saturated market, as well as some predictions for the future of the space.

Learn how Elementor grew their business within a saturated plugin marketplace and discuss what helped their product succeed  – from to creating a fun company culture to nurturing their community.

And lastly, the question we have all been wondering… will Gutenberg impact the page building ecosystem? All this and more, so listen in!

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