Should You Ever do WordPress Client Work for Free? [Guide]

Something you’ll inevitably run into as a freelancer, if you haven’t already, is people asking you to work for free. That seems like an obvious no. After all, if you’re doing your job for free, how will you have money to live on? These requests are often presented as big opportunities, touting how much publicity or promotion you could get, or some other future benefits. Sometimes, they can even make the offer seem tempting.

But is it ever worth it? And, how can you tell legitimately beneficial opportunities from the people trying to scam you into free work? The article below will guide you through some things to consider when people offer these proposals and help you figure out how best to respond.

“This project will be HUGE for your portfolio. And if this works out, it’ll lead to a bunch more work in the future.”
Have you ever had a client who’s tried to lure you into doing some free work for them?

If you’ve been consulting for a while, you’ve inevitably been asked the question at some point. To be fair, it’s not delivered as bluntly as “give us something valuable for nothing.” Instead, the question is framed with you in mind: do this simple thing now and for free, and you’ll be met with rewards on the other side.

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