5 Ways to Make Money with WordPress [List]

There are a lot of reasons to run a website with WordPress. To inform, to promote yourself or something you care about, for entertainment, or just because running a blog can be fun. But it can also be more than that. With the right approach, there’s money to be made from WordPress as well.

There are countless ways to make money from WordPress, which is such a versatile platform. The article below will take you through five of these, explaining the details of each and how best to get started to turn your hobby into a business.

Most webmasters will start building websites with WordPress purely for fun; however, after a while they may want to take their hobby more seriously and look for a way to make money from their website.

Now, most of you reading this will already have some basic knowledge of the WordPress platform, and we could all use a little extra cash, right?
Today I want to introduce some of the best ways you can make money using WordPress.

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