Plugin Developer Stories: Simple Giveaways by Igor Benić

Simple Giveaways is a plugin designed to grow your mailing list by having people sign up to enter your giveaways. It’s designed to be easy to use, and comes with plenty of customization features.

Below is an interview with the developer of the plugin, Igor Benic. He talks about his WordPress background, marketing, his tiered pricing model, and more. Finally, he closes with a bit about what’s next for for both him as a developer and the Simple Giveaways WordPress plugin.

Simple Giveaways provides WordPress site owners with a way to grow their mailing list by incentivizing visitors to sign up in exchange for a chance to win a product, discount code or more. Automation gives Simple Giveaways users the ability to have winners chosen and notified without any fuss: everything is handled by the plugin without user intervention.

Developer Igor Benić took the time to answer my questions about Simple Giveaways. We discuss the usual topics (development hurdles, marketing and pricing) as well as what he’s learned developing premium WordPress plugins.

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