How Web Professionals Can Leverage Affiliate Links to Generate Additional Revenue

Affiliate marketing is an often talked about way that bloggers and other content creators can make revenue. However, it can be used to great effect by web designers and developers as well with well chosen affiliates.

The article below offers advice on utilizing affiliate marketing as a web designer, explaining how they can be best used to increase your revenue. It can be a great way to easily make some extra money, so it’s really a win-win situation that’s well worth the time to look into.

Affiliate marketing is a strategy that many bloggers and content marketers rely on as an additional revenue source — or even a major stream of income. Often those conversions depend on how you present information on a given product or service through a blog post, video, podcast or other medium.

As a web developer or designer, you have an advantage. The reason is simple. Because you are in a direct, one-to-one working relationship with a client, your influence is much greater when it comes to suggesting products or services for a project you will be delivering.

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