Is WordPress Premium Theme Business Dying?

Premium WordPress themes are a business that has had a bit of an up and down past. There are plenty that have been highly successful, but for many, things have gone downhill a bit since the old days.

The article below shows you some of the reasons this has happened, but also why the business might still be worthwhile.

Is everyone getting out of the theme business? In November, 2013 we heard that the theme business at WooThemes was only generating 20% of their revenue. Then, in February, they announced they were stopping the theme subscription club.

Early this month, we heard that DevPress had sold for $14,000 – which isn’t much for a theme provider with that history.

And just recently, we heard another old name in themes – Press75 – is also for sale. What you can’t help but notice is the revenue trend that’s sharply negative.

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