4 Lessons Learned From Building a Freemium WordPress Plugin

Building a plugin takes a lot of time and hard work, and oftentimes promoting it and getting sales is even harder.

To be successful, its important to learn from the trial and error of people who have tried it first. The article below, written by a plugin developer, explains some of what did and didn’t work for them, taking you through four lessons they learned to help you get off to better start.

Building a great WordPress plugin is hard.

There are many different aspects to consider during the planning phase– you have to develop a solid codebase, and also craft a great user experience. But that’s only half the job. The hardest part of creating a commercial plugin is not developing it– it’s getting people to use it and growing your user base.

A while ago, we managed to launch a page builder plugin named Forge. It is a freemium plugin– people can use it for free, and then upgrade with some paid extensions. And the actual challenge of creating Forge was not the plugin itself, but rather promoting it.

Here’s what we did.

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