How WordPress Freelancers Can Find a Niche [Interview]

As a freelancer, it can be tempting to simply try to throw as broad a net as you can to try to draw in clients. However, if you instead focus on finding your own niche, something unique you can bring to the table, it gives clients a reason to come to you.

David Bisset did this by focusing on integrating the BuddyPress plugin and providing extra social features to his clients. In the interview below, he talks about finding your own niche, and other ways to make your WordPress business soar.

Since the early days of BuddyPress plugin, David Bisset has focused his freelance development business around integrating it into his highly customized client projects.

He has been able to add value to his client projects by suggesting the addition of a social layer using BuddyPress during the early stage of development. Considering the additional specifications of BuddyPress in the early planning stage of a web project is important since it is more difficult to add later.

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