How to Make a Business Out of Blogging [Interview]

If you run a business building websites for people, there’s a high chance you’ve built a lot of blog sections. After all, they’re a good way to draw traffic to all kinds of websites. However, you’ve probably also seen many of them get abandoned, or at least woefully underused.

In the interview below, Dayne Shuda talks about he made this into his primary income source, by making providing posts for those blogs part of his service. Give it a listen below to see if this could be the right direction for your business as well.

Imagine you are working with new client and during your discovery meeting the business owner tells you they want to work with you to fix up their website, especially the area for to be used for blog posts.

The business owner shares their commitment to writing weekly content to increase awareness about their new product line. The content will be shared on their website, in an new email newsletter and on social media channels. You set up a nice space for the new content but after a few weeks you check back to find that nothing has been added beyond the original set of articles provided to you at the start of the project.

In this Matt Report interview, Dayne Shuda of Ghost Blog Writers shares how his company helps business owners maintain their commitment to sharing regular updates with their target market.

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