How to Win at SEO on the WordPress Plugin Repository [Guide]

The Repository is, generally speaking, the best place to get a userbase for your plugins. It’s official and very widely used. And, while you might get a little bit of traffic from people just scrolling through looking for new and interesting plugins, the vast majority of that userbase is going to come from searches.

This is why SEO is so important. A lot goes into search engine code, and so there’s a lot to its methods of cataloging and displaying content. Fortunately, the guide below details how to make the most of the system and how to optimize your SEO to help you appear in the top of the results.

Many developers in the WordPress community aren’t aware of the power of SEO in directory, but if you think about it, most of the traffic to your plugin’s or theme’s listing is coming from search.

If you have a plugin or theme listed under, undoubtedly, it’s your main user acquisition channel. If you want to get more users installing your software, luckily, you have full control over the marketing content you include in your readme.txt file.

So instead of spending days, weeks, months on polishing features (although those are obviously important, too)… you can potentially spend less than a day optimizing your readme.txt file and get a very significant boost in traffic to your listing, which will directly increase your acquisition rate.

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