5 Ways WordPress Freelancers Can Diversify Income [List]

As a freelancer, it’s important that your income doesn’t all come from one source. All the freedom and flexibility that freelancing provides can disappear very quickly if your primary client stops having work for you to do, or even just needs to make a few cutbacks.

But if you have one thing you do, one service you provide, it can be hard to figure out how to add diversity. Check out this article for five methods of diversifying income that could apply to many different kinds of businesses.

Let’s face it, freelancing isn’t so great when it comes to having control over one’s income. There are “famine” situations when there’s just not enough work and times when the work just doesn’t pay enough. And then there are times when some paying clients simply disappear, often taking away a huge chunk of your estimated income.

If you’ve experienced any of these scenarios, you know the stress and worry that comes with working for yourself.

Luckily, through diversifying your income, you can work yourself out of such situations. In this post, we’ll explore five diverse income stream ideas that you can start putting in place right away as a kind of insurance to support your financial goals.

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