How to Sell WordPress Themes & Plugins to Enterprise Customers

Most WordPress plugin and theme developers sell to end-users and WordPress professionals building sites for clients.  But there’s another type of customer that’s willing to pay much more for the work you do: Enterprises.

Enterprises are large organizations who have special needs, but are willing to pay well to have those needs met.  If you can show the credibility to earn their trust and meet their customized needs, you may just have what it takes to land your first enterprise customer!  Read on to learn more.

In this blog post, I’ll expose you to several practical tricks that help sell RatingWidget licenses (a plugin business that I’ve built that was the catalyst to creating Freemius) to large organizations for thousands of dollars a year. That’s 20x, 30x, and sometimes even 50x the price an average customer pays. And the beauty is that it requires almost zero operational changes, and can be accomplished even by a one-man-show operation.

So, if you’re running a premium plugins business or a theme shop and would like to win those mega customers, then this post is exactly for you!

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