How to Sell with WordPress

WordPress offers a whole host of business opportunities, from coding to design and far more. But one of the challenges faced by any of these is selling. Both of products, and of yourself as a service provider.

This kind of selling is essential if you want to keep your business thriving and growing, but it certainly isn’t easy sometimes. The article below will go over some of the biggest hurdles you’re likely to face, and how you can overcome these challenges.

Having spent a good portion of the last few years of my business around entrepreneurs who are heavy into marketing I’ve become painfully aware that for some reason there seems to be an aversion to ‘selling’ when it comes to WordPress.

I don’t mean selling in terms of using WordPress for e-commerce or as a platform to sell from. I’m referring to people who have products or services around WordPress and don’t want to promote what they do.  Let’s discuss the challenges of selling with WordPress.

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