How to Price Your WordPress Services

A key factor of getting clients to your WordPress service and staying afloat is your pricing choices. Of course, lower pricing tends to mean more clients, while pricing too low cheats you out of the income your work deserves. So it’s an important thing to get right.

The article below is designed to help you find the right pricing for your services, using a bottom-up estimate approach to break down the cost and time of each aspect of your project to come to a total cost. It also covers how to find a fair hourly rate, some tools to use to ensure you aren’t underquoting, and more, so it has plenty of information to help you pricing your services correctly.

Pricing is tricky, to say the least. And no doubt you’ve had a similar conversation to this one I had recently with a massively popular (and profitable) blog I wanted to write for: Client: “I’m sorry to break this to you — but you’re nowhere near the $XX rate.” Me: “Thanks very much for your feedback. Much appreciated 🙂 Cheers” Whether you’re a writer like me or a developer or designer, no freelancer wants to work for peanuts. Maybe you offered a client an estimate and didn’t hear back? Or, maybe the client got back with a reply similar to the one above?  Whatever the case, here’s how to charge what you’re worth!

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