Does a Freemium Business Model Work with WordPress Products?

As a WordPress developer, you have a few different options for pricing your WordPress products. Three of these are detailed in the article below, but the one it focused on is the freemium business model.

With the freemium business model, you offer both a free version of your product to help build your user base, and a paid version with premium features to make your income. The article goes through pros and cons of freemium, aiming to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your product.

Can the freemium business model benefit your commercial product in the WordPress ecosystem, i.e. help you sell more premium licenses? This article looks into the 3 most popular business models in the open-source ecosystem and specifically breaks down the arguments for and against the freemium business model in WordPress. Let’s try to understand if freemium is the right business model for your WordPress product!

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