How to Offer Free Trials for Your WordPress Plugins or Themes Business [Guide]

When you own a WordPress plugin or theme business, the big challenge you have next is getting enough people to pay for it. Even if the software performs its job well, and sometimes even if it has already received excellent reviews, some people will be reluctant to pay full-price without using it first.

This is where trials come in. Trials come in many forms, but however you go about them, if done right they can really boost conversions. The guide below goes in-depth into all the options, advantages, and considerations, covering everything you need to know about this expansive topic.

Trials for software products and SaaS (Software as a Service) has been a standard practice for years and is considered as an excellent way to get a higher reach and improved conversion rates. That said, only a small fraction of the premium WordPress plugins and themes on the market offer Trials.

However, trials are super effective in increasing the number of users paying for your premium WordPress plugins or themes. Here’s the complete guide to WordPress trials for your WordPress  business.

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