How to Add Recurring Income to Your WordPress Business

WordPress agencies and freelancers typically live on a constant stream of clients. Finish one job, get paid, and move onto the next. This can function as a steady income stream, but the constant need for more work limits the flexibility that many people are looking for from this kind of job.

The ideal solution for many is recurring income. The article below explains the details of how and why it works and the best way to get your clients to pay a continuous fee for access to your services and products to earn more with WordPress.

One increasingly common way agencies and freelancers are embracing recurring income is by having their clients sign a “WordPress retainer” agreement.

That sort of agreement (usually) means that the client will continuously be paying the agency, and in return, will be entitled to expect WordPress technical support/maintenance/design, or in other words, whichever services that WordPress agency has to offer, for as long as the agreement is held.

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