How to Grow a Lifestyle Business Without Losing the Lifestyle

One of the more appealing parts of running your own business is the added freedom, the ability to tailor your work and your schedule around your lifestyle. But as your business grows and you start having to deal with managing employees and keeping track of more and more products, contracts, or jobs moving through your business, some of that freedom can easily disappear.

But a business that doesn’t grow is in danger of the opposite. The article below will presents some ways to keep your business expanding and working with others without having to tie yourself down with hiring and the like. Be sure to get it a read.

Balancing a lifestyle business — and trying to grow it — can be tricky, when you’re not willing to give up your lifestyle for that growth. There are ways to grow your business without giving up the lifestyle you began it all for, right?

This post is by Nate Wright. Nate is a WordPress developer and solopreneur. He runs Theme of The Crop, a niche WordPress theme company geared toward restaurant websites.

You can build stuff on the internet. Why aren’t you shooting for the stars? Don’t you want to be rich like Zuckerberg?

Right now some of you may be thinking: yes I do! This post isn’t for you.
This is for those of you who cringe at the thought of your days filling up with hiring and training staff, conducting meetings, or filling out paperwork. Those of you who don’t want to live the big siloed life of a CEO. Who dove into the WordPress market because you wanted to build things yourself. For yourself.

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